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How Do I purchase The Course
& Who Do I Purchase It For?


You can purchase the course for you and your team by clicking on the button above or this link. This course is intended for you and your whole team, no matter your role. Learn how to do better with various elements from Time Management, Email Management, Delegation, Coaching and more. 

What Happens AFTER I purchase the course?

After purchasing access to the course for you and your team, you will receive three emails:

  • Receipt of the course
  • Link to create your password
  • Quick Start Guide

Please keep in mind:
Depending on your email server, there may be a delay in getting these emails. Please be patient. Also, if the delay extends a couple hours, check your spam folder. Ensure you have emails from team@cameronherold.com and merididth@cameronherold.com whitelisted.

How Do I LogIn?

Once you’ve set your password from the first emails you get upon purchase, bookmark this link to login every time thereafter: course.investinyourleaders.com 

How Do I Get Access For My Teammates?

We encourage you to sign up each of your teammates through the “Multiple Users” option on our order page

From the order page, select the amount of users you wish to register. If you select “Multiple Users” and only select 1, you will only have access to one account.

Please be aware that sharing your own account is prohibited and will result in account suspension.

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Meet Your Instructor:

Meet Your Instructor:

Cameron Herold

FOUNDER, COO Alliance, Host Second In Command Podcast 

Cameron has been called The CEO Whisperer in the print edition of Forbes Magazine.  He was the COO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?s spectacular growth from $2M to $106M in revenue.  He’s coached CEOs on 6 continents, and done paid speaking events in 26 countries. The leadership skills in the Invest In Your Leaders course are the key skills he has trained CEOs & COOs on for well over 20 years.