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Turn managers into exceptionally skilled leaders

Turn managers into exceptionally skilled leaders

Inject your leaders with the skills they need to help you grow exponentially!

In this in-depth course, Cameron guides you through the advanced leadership skills he’s employed to grow his own businesses and coached leadership teams on in 26 countries and counting. 


My name is Cameron Herold. Are you concerned with your company’s growth potential? Are there limits on the leadership capacities of your managers that exacerbate those concerns? If so, let me teach your leaders the right way to manage their time, interview, coach, delegate, manage projects, and much more. Keep scrolling and find out why my keys to successful leadership work, and how you can own them for your business and its leaders.

Having issues in training your leaders?

The most important part of building a business just happens to be the most difficult: training your team. It’s not enough to explain internal processes and time management expectations to your managers. Your leadership team must have the situational leadership skills necessary to conduct interviews, offer career coaching, and everything in between.

Common issues we see include ineffective training and a lack of quality learning resources for your employees. We can help you overcome these obstacles and provide you with the tools you need to grow your leadership team’s management skills. Properly training your leadership will ensure your team’s success in the long run.

Are your leaders…

The 12 course modules in the
leadership development program are...

Situational Leadership
One of the MOST critical leadership skills ever. Managers will
learn how to become better leaders and select the most
appropriate leadership style on a project-by-project basis to
help direct reports get their best results.

Leaders will learn how to coach direct reports to help them grow so they can perform at their maximum potential.
Classroom Training
You’ll learn how to effectively to teach new skills to a group in a classroom or a virtual webinar setting, while leveraging the adult learning cycle. Growing people is every leaders core role.
You’ll learn strong formats for running highly successful meetings of all types, not just L10. Managers will finally keep meetings on track and engage quieter attendees who rarely contribute.
One-on-One Coaching
Managers will understand how to direct employees via one-on- one meetings to ensure they’re working on the right tasks. Leaders will be able support to support employees effectively on a project-by-project basis and in their day-to-day roles.
Time Management
Parkinson’s Law is SO right. “Work expands to fill the space and time that we give it”. You’ll learn how to organize and prioritize the chaos, and how to get more of the high priority work done, with less people, faster and not ‘run out of time’ or get sucked into the ‘busy work’.
The purpose of this module is so that you know day 1 that candidates you’re interviewing, and hiring are a perfect fit. You managers will finally have a solid base level of skills interviewing and know how to truly assess a candidate’s proven skills & cultural fit.
You’ll learn how to delegate so the work you get back is what you expected. Your employees will spend less time and money on projects than ever before. Team members will no longer feel bewildered or micromanaged by sloppy delegation.
Conflict Management
You’ll learn how to embrace healthy conflict as productive & how to diffuse the anger that often arises with direct reports, peers and supervisors.
Email Management
Inbox Zero will be one of the greatest productivity tools you’ll learn and finally master. And you’ll no longer miss out on critical emails as you do, or have to lie and say, “it was in junk mail”.
Project Management
You’ll learn about resource allocation for people, time, and budgets. And you’ll learn how to avoid communication issues between departments that cause delays as your company scales.
Vivid Vision®
Managers will finally know how to make their CEOs Vivid Vision for the company come true.

Why run a leadership development program?

After interviewing, onboarding, and training the right candidates, you want reassurance that your team can work together to achieve common goals. Running a leadership development program will allow you to create a supportive work environment for your employees. 

Our system is proven to increase your team’s competency, enhance decision-making confidence, and strengthen communication skills. Enable your team to develop the core skills necessary to grow your company. Leadership development training can improve employee retention as well.

The leadership skills program result:

Your leaders will have an easy-to-follow framework, infallible framework for each of the twelve core leadership skills they need to be highly effective in their roles.

Here's how it breaks down:

Invest In Your Leaders teaches your mangers twelve core leadership skills that they can learn on their own and easily practice in their day-to-day roles. With our 30 Day money back guarantee it’s irresponsible not to sign each of them up.


What they get:

Get 30 years of experience, distilled into…
Twelve, easy to digest, modules with:

  • Straight to the point Videos
  • Course Notes
  • Prescriptive Worksheets
  • Valuable BONUSES!
  • And, Real-Life Scenarios

The essential leadership development program

Invest in your leader's skills the same way you invest in yours!

Invest in your leader's skills the same way you invest in yours!

An effective leadership development program and the training of your leadership team gives your company the skills and systems needed for profitable growth.   

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Lifetime leadership course access



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Leadership course - FAQs

Here is all the information you need to make the most of your leadership training program. This section helps you understand your leadership development course.    

Users are the available student profiles that can be used in a given package. Users can not share account login with others, each user must sign up for their own account.

Users are not transferable and cannot be reused. You can request to have the record of the student deleted and add the email team@cameronherold.com as a link to – “request”.

No. The content in this course covers over 20 years of highly valuable content and is worth the investment for each individual. We encourage one user account per person. Sharing of user accounts will result in termination of account access.

Accepted payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Payment plan agreements are lifetime access.

After purchasing the course, you can begin learning immediately. For more than 10 users, in 1-2 business days, you will receive an email with instructions for enrolling your leaders.

Yes, you can add more users to your payment plan at any time. Just contact us at team@cameronherold.com.

Yes. Managers can request to have a Group Analyst account created to view reporting and add the email team@cameronherold.com as a link to – “request”.

We have a 30 Day Money Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee.

Here's what our students are saying:

“Our leadership training program is designed to be easy to follow and put into action.”


Ready for your leaders to adopt Inbox Zero?

Meet your leadership development instructor

Cameron Herold

Cameron has been called The CEO Whisperer by Forbes Magazine. He was the COO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?s spectacular growth from $2M to $106M in revenue. He accomplished this incredible feat in just six years while also winning awards for outstanding workplace cultures.

Cameron is an esteemed business advisor, best-selling author, and notable speaker. He is one of the most coveted business gurus in North America but his skills know no bounds. He has coached CEOs on six continents, and done paid speaking events in 26 countries. 

The leadership skills in the Invest In Your Leaders course are the key skills Cameron used to train CEOs & COOs for well over 20 years. He employs the 12 core skills of this leadership development program to help industry leaders drive company growth and establish their own company cultures.

FOUNDER of COO Alliance,
Host of Second in Command Podcast


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