Are You Ready to Turn Your Managers
Into Really Skilled Leaders So They Can

Grow Your Company?

Are You Ready to Turn Your Managers
Into Really Skilled Leaders So They Can

Are You Ready to Turn Your Managers
Into Really Skilled Leaders So They Can

Grow Your Company?

Grow Your Company?

This proven set of leadership skills GUARANTEES your managers will be more effective in their roles every day.

In this in-depth course, Cameron shows you step-by-step how to use the advanced leadership skills that he’s coached leadership teams on in 26 countries.

This proven set of leadership skills GUARANTEES your managers will be more effective in their roles every day.

In this in-depth course, Cameron shows you step-by-step how to use the advanced leadership skills that he’s coached leadership teams on in 26 countries.
Copy his most important leadership skills for interviewing, coaching, delegation,
project & time management etc to truly help your managers go to the next level!
Copy his most important leadership skills for interviewing, coaching, delegation,
project & time management etc to truly help your managers go to the next level!

After 30 years of growing companies and their leadership teams, Cameron has outlined the key operational leadership skills that every manager needs when:

The Result Is:

The Result Is:

Your leaders will have an easy-to-follow *can’t fail* framework for each of the
12 core skills they need to be highly effective in their roles.

Here’s how it all breaks down:

Here’s how it all breaks down:

Invest In Your Leaders teaches your employees 12 leadership skills that they can learn on their own and practice easily in their day-to-day roles. Each skill can be revisited ongoing to get them even more proficient too. User account can NOT be shared between employees.

Here’s What They Get:

Here’s What They Get:

Invest In Your Leaders is a 12-module leadership training course with videos &
course notes (plus bonuses!) to keep leaders focused on growing their skills for success.

Take a look at your Student Dashboard

Take a look at your Student Dashboard



Situational Leadership

Purpose – To learn how to adapt your leadership style to the situation your direct report or team is working on.

  • Assess the skill level of your direct reports 
  • Determine the commitment level of your direct reports 
  • Become a better leader and select the most appropriate leadership style to help your team get their best results



Purpose – Help people grow so they can perform at their maximum potential.

  • Develop your system for strong one-on-ones & group sessions coaching
  • Learn how to better onboard new hires 
  • Delegate effectively to direct reports so you can get more off your plate


Classroom Training

Purpose – You will learn how to teach new skills to a group in a physical classroom or a virtual webinar setting.

  • Discover how adults learn 
  • Structure strong online and classroom training sessions 
  • Learn how to leverage the 4 Kolb Learning Styles



Purpose –  Meetings don’t suck, we suck at running them.

  • Craft a strong format for running highly successful meetings 
  • Keep meetings on track, so they don’t run over time 
  • Engage quieter attendees who rarely contribute 


One-On-One Coaching

Purpose – You’ll learn how to run proper One-On-One meetings with direct reports.

  • How to direct employees to ensure they’re working on the right things 
  • Develop skills of your team where needed on a project-by-project basis 
  • Support your team in their day-to-day roles


Time Management

Purpose – Parkinson’s Law – Work expands to fill the space and time that we give it.

  • Organize and prioritize the chaos 
  • Get more done, with less people, faster and not ‘run out of time’ 
  • Get more of the high priority work done, while delegating the tasks others can do



Purpose – You’ll finally know on Day 1 that your new hires are a perfect fit.

  • Develop a base level of skill in interviewing which is likely way more than any of your managers have been trained 
  • Learn how to truly assess a candidate’s proven skills & cultural fit 
  • The right and wrong way to do powerful ‘reference checks’



Purpose – You’ll learn how to get results through others.

  • How to delegate so the work you get back is what you expect 
  • Delegate so your employees spend less time and money on projects than ever before 
  • Employees will finally feel like you’re handing projects to them in a way that doesn’t leave them feeling bewildered or micromanaged


Conflict Management

Purpose – Office conflict doesn’t have to be a disaster.

  • Embrace healthy conflict as a productive tool 
  • Diffuse the anger the often arises when personalities clash 
  • Learn an easy system that works with direct reports, peers, and supervisors 


Email Management

Purpose – InBox Zero, without ignoring or rushing through email replies.

  • Waste less time 
  • Finally stop lying and saying, ‘It was in my junk mail’ 
  • Don’t miss out on critical emails 


Project Management

Purpose – Manage one project or multiple projects with ease.

  • Resource allocations for people, time, and budget 
  • Avoid issues between departments that cause delays 
  • Gain clear visibility of work from beginning to end 


Vivid Vision

Purpose – Make your CEO’s Vivid Vision for your company come true.

  • Why Vivid Visions are replacing Mission Statements worldwide 
  • Get the ideas out of your CEO’s mind so everyone can see what they can see 
  • Align your team with your vision

Are you ready

To Invest In Your Leaders the same way you invest in yourself?

To Invest In Your Leaders the same way you invest in yourself?

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Users are the available student profiles that can be used in a given package. Users can not share account login with others, each user must sign up for their own account.

Users are not transferable and cannot be reused. You can request to have the record of the student deleted and add the email as a link to – “request”.

No. The content in this course covers over 20 years of highly valuable content and is worth the investment for each individual. We encourage one user account per person. Sharing of user accounts will result in termination of account access.

Accepted payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Payment plan agreements are lifetime access.

After purchasing the course, you can begin learning immediately. For more than 10 users, in 1-2 business days, you will receive an email with instructions for enrolling your leaders.

Yes, you can add more users to your payment plan at any time. Just contact us at
Yes. Managers can request to have a Group Analyst account created to view reporting and add the email as a link to – “request”.

We have a 30 Day Money Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee.



Want to make sure this course is right for you? Go ahead and watch one of our
course lessons about email management below - free of charge.


Our students are raving about the value they're getting from this course.
Here's what they have to say:

Down-to-earth leadership guidance that's perfect for everyone
Whether it's for a refresher course to seasoned leaders or people taking on leadership roles for the first time, Cameron Herold breaks everything down to be as successful as possible. His videos bring extra context to the copy and give you the "why" and "how" to make these changes. Just a great course!
J. Hall

Relevant and useful for day-to-day...
All modules delivered good information and tools to be used in day-to-day business. I liked the modular format set in place for each area covered in the course. It allowed you the... Read More
Laurie Hogan

Leadership is often underrated
Leadership is often underrated. Working through this course has helped me prioritize what matters and focus on areas where I need work! Excited to continue to implement this on my team.
Diana Elizabeth

Love the detailed and clear…
Love the detailed and clear explanation in each lesson. Videos are easy to watch and packed with information, tips, and values. Overall, great course!
Lia Diwa

I was able to complete this course as I was stepping into a new leadership role and what a difference it has made! I left with so many significant...Read More

As A Leader Who Has Added New....
As a Leader who has added new responsibilities to my role I found everything useful and... Read More
J Droubay

Being somewhat new to leadership this course has given me the tools I need to succeed. Thank you!
Denise Smith

I started this course right as I started working with direct reports. It has been so helpful in shaping how I delegate and conduct my weekly 1:1 meetings. The video formats make it easy to learn, take notes, and retain the information.
Gabrielle Mowry

Highly Recommended For All Managers
I am somewhat new to having direct reports, and I love hearing all of the takeaways from this course. It gave me feedback in the sense that some of my current practices were mentioned and I liked hearing that they were something... Read More
Sophia Carr

Pragmatic Leadership
At first I thought the course was to simple and lacked detail, probably because I have consumed so much of Cameron's long form work. After implementing the course the Einstein... Read More
Richard Greenup

Bite-size nuggets of valuable…
Bite-size nuggets of valuable skill-building tips, tidbits and tools. This course is a gem as it has upped my efficiency and effectiveness of being a leader.
Janessa Mondestin

I enjoyed the video format and like...
I enjoyed the video format and like that there is a choice either to watch the video or to read. Very interesting!
Terry W

Always new information
I'm enjoying these courses. I like that they are bite-size so that I can fit them into my day. Although I've read many business books and have... Read More
Stephanie Simons

Cameron is a great and giving leader
Cameron is a great and giving leader. He is always educating us on LinkedIn and we plan on using his training for our executives when we launch our startup.
David Safai

Invest In Your Leaders is UNBELIEVABLE
Invest In Your Leaders is unbelievable. It teaches you the minimum requirements (the oxygen) of managing a growing company, using Level 5 leadership... Read More
Bill Hauser

Easy to follow along, learn, and implement
I've really enjoyed the leadership insights shared through these videos and have been able to put several learnings into practice fairly easily - with great response and results from my team. I've found the information to be straightforward... Read More

Each lesson is thorough but I was also…
Each lesson is thorough but I was also able to easily work them into my standard work routine. I really enjoyed the real life scenarios and quizzes to help drive home understanding and application. Great for all leaders.
Lisa Pruetting

Great Streamlined and Direct Program!
The Invest In Your Leaders course has been so valuable in outlining key leadership points and providing insight on these topics in a streamlined and concise way. Cameron does a great job relating each lesson to a real business example and to help drive each lesson even further...Read More

I loved all the courses on Invest In Your Leaders
I loved all the courses on Invest In Your Leaders. Each course has a great topic, and every one of them comes tips and examples. This is a great for someone who has direct reports and want to be a good leader. A lot of takeaways. Definitely recommend!
Vivien Wang

Beneficial program for all team leaders
My organization has been using the Invest in Your Leaders program for all managers for the past few months. It's been very valuable for us to all have the same foundation of fundamentals and then discuss how they are applicable and how we can best put them into practice while managing a team and moving our business forward. The Program is very thoughtfully laid out in short videos... Read More
Ashley Walsh

Highly recommended for new and existing leaders
The content is so easy to digest. The videos are clear, concise and to the point. Each video has left me with many ideas for how I can implement the concept and use it in my daily work. The concepts are simple and applicable, which leaves me excited to dive into the next video and learn more. This a great course for beginning leaders or for those looking to become more effective in their leadership.
Hannah Danto Dorafsha

Wonderful, highly recommend
This course is wonderful and I highly recommend. Very well organized, the videos are short and engaging. Quizzes are relatable to the daily professional life. Overall a great resource for building your leadership skills.
Pratyasha Nath

Simple Concepts W/ Tremendous Impact
Our entire leadership team has taken this training now and everyone loved it. It's easy to follow and the material is simple concepts that are easily applied yet have a tremendous impact on productivity and execution.
Randy Vlasic

The outline and content were organized with a solid flow, and there were a lot of little nuggets within that I found to be exceptionally insightful. I intend to apply some of these concepts and approaches immediately! #alwaysgrowing
Nicole T

This is a fantastic course
This is a fantastic course! It really helped me understand some basic leadership concepts with great real-world scenarios. I highly recommend this course for anyone that is new to leadership, or would like to learn new ways to lead your team.
Dylan Drake

Wow, take this course
Wow, really elevated the way I think and approach work. Lots of amazing nuggets. Could not recommend highly enough.
Grace O Donnell

Course has been super helpful
Cameron's course has been super helpful so far. I was using Fiver but wasn't specific enough and was never happy with the work, after... Read More
Ciaran Olsen

You can read all the books you want but there's nothing like Cameron Herold's to the point explanation of how to be a better leader, grow you team, manage your time, coach, hire, do 1:1s and much more. I started with the... Read More
Alinka Rutkowska

Cameron's books are great but this…
Cameron's books are great but this course is even better. Its like having Cameron personally coach your managers. Pretty cool. I enrolled 2 of our managers and they were both ecstatic about the opportunity we provided them.
Andrew Fraser

Great for Leadership Growth
As a management team, we went through each section week by week and discussed the takeaways from each course. The Conflict Management course was by far our most discussed topic as... Read More
Annie Post

This course has been interesting and...
This course has been interesting and is broken down in stages so it is easy to listen to and follow. Very well laid out. It helped me to be able to reflect on my own leadership skills and implement... Read More
Lynn Davis

Wonderfully Inspiring
This curriculum was easy to watch, listen to and read. Cameron Herold is engaging and great at inspiring leaders, new and old.
Elisa Meyer

This has been an investment in myself
When I first learned about the Invest in your leader's program I put it forward to my management team as something we should do for... Read More
Rob Stevens

This course was amazing!
I needed the kick in the right direction on delegating, I am less stressed now and more energized, as I am really in charge of my work schedule. Knowing I didn’t have time in the first place - this is so true and helps... Read More
Kim Bird

I really found the course extremely…
I really found the course extremely helpful. While there were some topics that I was already personally familiar with, there were also some topics that really gave me new views and perspectives. Everything is well explained with examples. I recommend it.

Leading with Vision
The content of Cameron's course is truly invaluable. In the short time that I have had my management team of 5 taking the course it has given us all an amazing insight on how we grow and manage our teams. They are all growing into... Read More
Tony Isgrove

Turning managers into leaders
I was excited when I learned about the Invest in your leader's program. My CEO had our management team sign up. I've just started the course and I'm really enjoying the content. I hope to roll this out to my direct reports soon.
Rob Stevens

Easy to follow and actionable
Cameron Herold did a great job creating a resource that is very concise but is filled with a lot of actionable information. I will definitely be recommending this to others.
Tatsuya Nakagawa

This Course is fantastic
Invest In Your Leaders Course is fantastic. Straightforward real-world ways to improve a leader's skill sets. From basics to the tough issues. Cameron explains things in an easy-to-follow way!

Great Course!
My COO is part of the COO Alliance and brought this course to my attention shortly after a meet-up. I was very interested in the course and very thankful my boss decided to put our leadership team through it. The information is broken down in a way that makes it easy to do a few small sections and retain the knowledge. Thoroughly enjoying the course up to this point!
Daniel Dorman

I'm always willing to invest in...
"Those that grow their teams the fastest, scale the fastest." When your business is at a certain scale, a small nugget of wisdom can make a significant impact to the trajectory of your organization over time. I've known Cameron Herold for over 8 years now and he is by far one of the most brilliant business minds I know. When it comes to his coaching, he's super selective as... Read More
Jayson Gaignard

The Missing Link
Being relatively New to Operations and my leadership role, I found this program to be very insightful and rewarding for me personally. The information is well organized with each section offering a detailed breakdown of the process and insight into potential challenges/obstacles. By completing this course, I have been... Read More
Ian Laird

It's like a map to buried leadership treasures.
When I first came across Cameron's course I was reluctant to buy it. Sure, I realised that Cameron knew a lot about leadership. After all he had been a very successful leader in a number of fast growing companies, before he started teaching people to do what he did... Read More
Rob Wallace

Packed full of practical and useful content!
Cameron was somehow able to pack so much information into digestible bite size lessons. All of his content is so key and fundamental to being a great leader, and he goes into very detailed and practical steps into how you can develop those skills. I've found these lessons super helpful in my role as a COO and will be working on each skill to really drill it in as a habit.
Clemins Kim

Effective and Easy to Use
We are using this training to establish a baseline competency level for all managers. I am excited to see results! So far I really like how the course is self-paced, the videos have captions and a written summary, and the pre-and-post quiz is really helpful. The videos are created in bite-sized chunks so there is no chance that anyone will feel like they have to start and stop a specific video. Anyone can get through a 5-7 minute... Read More
Erin Nelson

We implemented for our Management Team!
We have implemented this training course for our entire Management Team. The structure of the course makes it ideal for groups to do one lesson and then meet to discuss it. We have found it extremely beneficial for our team and are looking forward to... Read More
Ashley Wiederhoeft

High-Impact, No Fluff!
Powerful insights, one right after the other. Chocked full of helpful tips, strategies and tactics. The human element in business is the trickiest most often. Cameron truly excels in this area. Really like the quiz before and after each section. Enlightening. Love how this was designed in such an efficient, high-impact format. No fluff.
Victoria Winburne

Meet Your Instructor:

Meet Your Instructor:

Cameron Herold

FOUNDER, COO Alliance, Host Second In Command Podcast 

Cameron has been called The CEO Whisperer in the print edition of Forbes Magazine.  He was the COO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?s spectacular growth from $2M to $106M in revenue.  He’s coached CEOs on 6 continents, and done paid speaking events in 26 countries. The leadership skills in the Invest In Your Leaders course are the key skills he has trained CEOs & COOs on for well over 20 years.